Peroneal tendon foot pain

by Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR

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The peroneal tendons (longus and brevis) run along the outside part of the ankle.

They lie just behind the lateral malleolus of the ankle. They are responsible for helping to evert the foot (lift the outside of the foot up). They also help to stabilize the ankle and the rear part of the foot. These tendons can be injured due to sprains, inflammatory arthritis as well as trauma.

Patients will feel pain just below or behind the lateral malleolus. Pain may extend down into the side of the foot. The pain is aggravated by walking.

Sometimes swelling will be noticed.

The diagnosis can be made clinically and supported by MRI or diagnostic ultrasound.

So, what about treatment?

Ice and rest are indicated for acute injuries.

Tendons have a poor blood supply and heal slowly. This means that prolonged rest may be needed. Physical therapy may be helpful.

Different types of heal wedges, orthotics may help. Anti-inflammatory medication is also helpful. Sometimes injection and splinting is required.

These tendons may also tear. This leads to pain, swelling, and instability. They also can dislocate. Surgery is often needed for these situations.

More recently, a newer treatment for tendonitis may be more effective. Percutaneous needle tenotomy is a technique where a small gauge needle is introduced using local anesthetic and ultrasound guidance. The needle is used to poke several small holes in the tendon.

This procedure is called "tenotomy." Tenotomy induces an acute inflammatory response. Then, platelet rich plasma, obtained from a sample of the patient's whole blood is injected into the area where tenotomy has been performed. Platelets are cells that contain multiple healing and growth factors. The result? Normal good quality tendon tissue is stimulated to grow with natural healing.Activity level is limited only one day! For more information about this procedure and tendonitis in general, visit our sister site:
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