Leg, hip pain muscle twitching

by Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR

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This combination of symptoms is unusual.

Possible causes include the following...

Fibromyalgia. This is a disorder of neurotransmitter function in the brain that leads to a number of symptoms. Among these are hypersensitivity to touch, increased awareness of sounds, odors, light with generalized pain, fatigue, non restorative sleep, and muscle disorders such as twitching and cramps. Other symptoms may suggest internal organ dysfunction. These symptoms include breathlessness, chest pain, and abdominal as well as bladder abnormalities.

Recent evidence suggests that using a combination of medications that increase 5-hydroxytryptophan, nor-epinephrine, and GABA levels may be helpful. Dopamine stimulation has also been used with mixed results. Other modalities such as non impact aerobic exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy may also be useful.

Involuntary twitching or jerking of the lower leg with symptoms such as tickling, prickling or burning is another set of symptoms that may be due to overexertion and fatigue. It may also be a result of vitamin B deficiency, diabetes, caffeine, drug withdrawal or food allergies. Beneficial supplements include: folic acid, vitamin E, iron, vitamin B complex. Reduction or elimination of caffeine may be necessary.

Restless leg syndrome is another common cause of involuntary leg twitching. The cause is unknown. Drugs like clonazapam and Requip are helpful.

Nocturnal leg cramps may also present with leg and hip pain as well as muscle twitching. Tingling, prickling or burning feeling under the skin can be caused by overexertion, muscle spasm or exposure to cold damp weather. This condition feels better with continuous movement and feels worse with rest. Homeopaths have used Rhus Toxicodendron.

For leg cramps, homeopathic physicians have prescribed arnica.

Like most homeopathic medicine, in acute situations, Arnica works best when taken at the onset of symptoms.

Drugs that may cause leg and hip pain along with muscle twitching and cramping include cholesterol-lowering drugs (“statins”) and quinolone antibiotics. Patients that suffer from cancer will often have bizarre neurological symptoms and the chemotherapies they receive may also be responsible for disturbing symptoms such as numbness, burning, muscle twitching, and pain.

Post polio syndrome, a condition that affects a large number of ex-polio patients, is also associated with ill-defined but severe limb pain and muscle twitching.

Parkinson’s disease is generally associated with muscle rigidity but may at times also be associated with pain in the leg accompanied by muscle dysfunction.

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