The lazy way to keep a a clean home when you have arthritis!

by Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR

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Here are some helpful tips for housekeeping. These tips come from the Arthritis Foundation...

Keep duplicates of all commonly used supplies in different areas of the house to avoid multiple trips.

To clean the bathtub, sit on a low stool next to the tub. Use a longhandled sponge or even a dedicated mop. Certain devices can be attached to the handle of a mop or broom that will allow you to use these without bending over.

Always use long-handled dustpans and brooms to clean up spills. A portable vacuum with a long handle is an alternative.

Adjustable height ironing boards will allow you to sit while ironing.

When removing clothes from the dryer, use a reacher. Put your basket below the opening and let the clothes tumble down.

Small laundry bags can be used to place items such as socks and underwear when doing a wash. This will eliminate having to search for them.

Use attachments that fit on lamps, stoves, washing machines, etc., that will help turn knobs with less stress on the joints.

Washing machine detergent can be put into smaller more manageable containers or you can use a scoop. Liquid detergents are also an option.

Front loading clothes washers can be made easier to use by raising the washer on blocks.

Shopping services, especially on the Internet, may save you trips.

Casters and moving strips (foam on one side, shiny on the other) can help you move furniture much more easily.

A utility cart is helpful when moving things from one room to another.

Try this trick with fitted sheets. Take one corner and cut it vertically and fasten it with a tie. This will be the last corner you put on the bed. No need to pull hard and strain your fingers!

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