Hip pain treatment brace

by Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR

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Adolescents, especially boys, occasionally suffer from a painful condition known as Legg Calvé Perthe Disease (LCPD).

This condition is a flattening of the femoral head, limiting the range of motion of the hip within the socket. The cause is not known, although it's usually found in physically active young people. Pain is often felt in the inner thigh and knee. It is usually treated with a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises and a special brace known as the Scottish Rite Abduction Orthosis. Surgery to provide more hip range of motion is an option for advanced stages.

Hip dysplasia is a congenital condition where the hip is displaced from the socket. The hip is a ball and socket joint, and the aim of treatment of hip dysplasia - where the hip is not firmly seated in the acetabular cup- is to hold the hip and allow the head of the femur to mold to the acetabulum.

The Wheaton-Pavlik™ Harness accomplishes this by holding the hips in a position of controlled hip flexion and abduction. Unlike a cast, the harness does not rigidly immobilize the hips, but allows controlled movement.

[The Erlangen hip brace, a principle of rehabilitative treatment (author's transl)]

[Article in German]

Hohmann D, Uhlig R.

Painful, loosened total hip prostheses and instability following their removal require up to now occasionally support by means of a brace. The paper deals with design, way of action and indication of a new, light-weight, dynamic brace to control the motion of hip joint. It is evident that this brace can be used not only to manage the loosening of a total hip prosthesis or conditions following the resection of the head of femur, but also in osteoarthrosis of hip joint.

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