“How to beat aches and pains if you’re a home-maker”

by Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR

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When you’re a housewife, the work is literally never done. Running a house-hold, especially if you have kids, is the hardest job on the planet. And you don’t know how you’re doing. You don’t have exams. You don’t have grades. All you know is that your family gets through OK or not. Here are some tips to help you...

Wear the Right Clothes and Wear Clothes Right!

To make dressing easier, you can remove buttons from shirts, sew the holes closed, and then sew buttons to the closed holes. You can then sew Velcro on the two sides and press to close. For people who don’t like velcro, you can always use hooks and eyes.

When looking for clothes, consider pants that have elastic waists. Also, remember that buttons require the most manual dexterity. Snaps and zippers are easier to use. Velcro strips, though, are the best.

For women: Use front fastening bras. That way you don’t have to experience shoulder and neck pain reaching and twisting to get your bra fastened in the back.

Around the house, you can buy an apron that has large pockets to carry all your needed items. For instance, you can carry cleaning supplies, craft supplies, tools, or anything else.

Consider elastic shoe laces. Those are the ones that have the funny curly cues at the end. These stay tied and all you have to do to get your shoes on and off are to just stretch open your shoes. Another option is to use shoes that fasten with velcro.

Keep gadgets like shoehorns and reachers nearby and also keep them in key areas around the house so you don’t have to waste time going back and forth to get them.

In the Bedroom…

Consider wearing satin pajamas. They’ll help you slide out of bed easier. Satin sheets also are practical for people with arthritis. And they might get your spouse into the mood more often...

If you have a lot of stiffness in the morning you might want to consider using an electric blanket. Flannel pj’s and flannel sheets can also make you warmer. Unfortunately, flannel makes it more difficult for you to slide out of bed in the morning too.

For your lamps in the bedroom, use a large triangular shaped adapter for the knob on the bedroom lamps.

Conquer Your Kitchen

Let your dishes soak overnight. When you run warm water to finish your dishes in the morning, the warmth will also help any stiffness in your hands.

Get rid of those two handled faucets and use a single lever faucet particularly for the kitchen sink. Around the kitchen and around the house in fact, add lever adapters instead of round doorknobs.

Use plastic dishes instead of stoneware; stoneware is much heavier.

Bottles and jars can be a pain to open. There are a lot of devices on the market both manual and electric that can help you to open these difficult to manipulate containers. Invest in several for your office, bathroom, kitchen, and other areas.

Consider using a wheeled cart to carry around heavy items in the kitchen and even in the rest of your house. Look for a cart that has a basket to keep things from sliding off.

Keep your frequently used items at eye level. Install slide out shelves and turntables to get greater access.

Use a wet washcloth or suction cups to keep mixing bowls from sliding on a countertop.

Use a basket at the top of the steps to the basement and also a basket at the bottom of the stairs to go up to the next floor. This will help reduce the number of trips you make up and down stairs. If you need to take items up steps, consider putting them into a plastic laundry basket. Tie a rope to the handle of the basket and drag the basket up the steps.

For many kitchen utensils as well as utensils throughout the house, add bulk to the handles for a better grip. Thick handled varieties are available in stores. You can also buy foam rubber tubing and slide the handles or pens into them.

Use a lightweight electric broom instead of a full sized vacuum cleaner.

Use kitchen utensils with easy grip features. Also, there are many pre-packaged foods, which don’t require preparing your vegetables. Try to get away from having to slice, peel, and chop whenever you can. Use handy “gizmos” and gadgets when possible to make your work easier.

I Hate Doing Laundry…

Use a mesh laundry bag for socks, laundry bag, washcloths, and other small items that are difficult to get out of the bottom of the washing machine.

Use clips to keep socks together to minimize the amount of work needed to try to find “pairs”.

Doing the laundry is a tedious task. Make it easier by getting a laundry basket with built up handles and a curved side that will allow you to carry the basket against your hip.

Bathroom Time

Get an elevated toilet seat. These seats can make it a lot easier to get on and off the commode.

Consider using electric toothbrush and a pump dispenser for your toothpaste. Both of these make it a lot easier to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Always keep your prescription medications up-to-date before they run out.

Consider showering only. Tub baths can place unnecessary strain on the back. If you must take a bath, make sure you have a seat in the bathtub along with grab bars.

Use flip top bottles of shampoo and conditioners.

If you continue to aches and pains, you may have arthritis...

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