Are strawberries a cure for gout

by Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR

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The first description of strawberries used for medicinal purposes comes from the writings of the Romans. They used the fruit as a remedy for a number of ailments, including gout.

Since then, there have been multiple reports in the folk medicine literature touting the beneficial effects of fruits such as cherries and strawberries for the treatment of gout.

One natural food recommendation I came across stated this, "...when an attack of gout strikes, eat only raw fruit and vegetables for two weeks. Juices are best. Frozen or fresh cherry juice is excellent. Also drink celery juice diluted with quality water (do not use tap water). Cherries and strawberries neutralize uric acid, so eat lots of them. Also include grains, seeds, and nuts in your diet."

The beneficial effects of strawberries and cherries may come from the fact that they contain anthrocyanidins, natural anti-oxidants which have an anti-inflammatory effect. The actual effect appears to be relatively mild and therefore, patients with moderate to severe gout should seek the advice of a medical doctor who is an expert in treating gout.

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