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Reminder... Make This Your Best Year Ever teleseminar
January 12, 2009

For arthritis sufferers only...

Teleseminar for "Make This Your Best Year" Ever Reminder

Listen in Tuesday evening January 13 at 7PM Eastern Time… That's tomorrow evening. No need to go anywhere. Just pick up your phone and dial up… a real seminar by telephone. And best yet... it's complimentary.

You’ll discover...

• How to vaporize fat and add muscle and get back vitality you once had
• The case against some popular diets… and why you might want to avoid them
• How to feel energized with 3 common sense exercise tips for arthritis patients!
• How to ratchet down fatigue without drugs!
• And how to clobber stress with this single 5 minute guaranteed fix!

If you ignore this call…I guarantee… 3 months… 6 months from now… you’ll be kicking yourself because you’re still carrying around that extra weight, huffing and puffing to get up and down those stairs, and too tired and stressed out to take your granddaughter to the zoo. Register now.

Either on line at:

HaveYour BestYearEver

Or call Michelle at 301 624-1164

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