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Oooops... I goofed
January 06, 2009

Although I had this announcement in the December Newsletter, I forgot to include this announcement in the January one…

And to top that off I sent the January Newsletter out two weeks ahead of schedule because I pushed the wrong button. (Sometimes I really hate computers!)

I apologize...

...but since this topic is probably on your mind, I felt it was too important not to remind you about.

You’ve probably tried different diet and exercise programs. They either didn’t work or only worked for a little while and you got discouraged by poor results and gave up… got depressed and frustrated…

And if you have arthritis pain you know it’s a real chore to exercise… you gain more weight and get even more discouraged. And that other huge problem- STRESS…how do minimize it?

Well… there is a solution…

Imagine ... what would happen if you had a system that was simple, didn’t take up a lot of time, and helped you get to the point where you looked in the mirror and smiled because you were slimmer, had the energy to play with the kids, and felt proud about how you looked? And you had friends come up to you and say, “Hey… how much weight have you lost? How’d you do it? You look really good!”… and get those admiring looks from your spouses… or even better yet, those jealous looks from people you can’t stand!

Dial in to our complimentary teleseminar to Make This Your Best Year Ever… It takes place on Tuesday evening, January 13, 2009 at 7 PM Easter Time.

You’ll discover

• How to vaporize fat and add muscle to get the vitality back you once had • The case against some of the most popular diets… and why you might want to avoid them • How to feel energized with 3 common sense exercise tips for arthritis patients! • How to ratchet down fatigue without drugs! • An how to clobber stress with this single 5 minute guaranteed fix!

But…. I want to warn you…

If you don’t take advantage of this teleseminar, 3 months… 6 months from now…think about all the nice things in life you’ll be missing by feeling bad about yourself because you’re carrying around that extra weight, huffing and puffing to get up and down those stairs, and having to say no to your granddaughter because you’re too tired and stressed out to take her to the zoo.

Here’s what you need to do to get on the call.

You can register on line at

Or call Michelle at 301 624-1164

P.S. I will do my best to minimize goofs in the future.

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