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Insider Arthritis Tips September 2009
September 15, 2009

"Sometimes our candle goes out, but is blown into flame by an encounter with another human being." -- Albert Schweitzer, Humanitarian

Five New Arthritis Treatments

This months newsletter is a bit different. Instead of an article, I have posted the url address to a tutorial I created on five new arthritis medications.

Here's the url address and the password. [You must copy and paste the entire url into your browser. Just clicking on the link won't work].

Password: arthritistreatments

Wei's World September 2009

September Reflections

My wife and I have four children. One graduated from a college a couple of years ago and is working in Boston. The second is entering his senior year at the Tisch School for the Performing Arts at New York University. (He sees Broadway in his future.) Our third is entering his freshman year at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. He’s sure he won’t make any friends but he will. And our baby, our 13 year old, is going to be in 8th grade. (Why is it kids are going back to school before Labor Day?)

The summer has gone by quickly. And I guess I start thinking a lot about what the future holds. With all the problems my dad has had, I realize “I’m on deck,” as my wife put it. Not to sound too maudlin, but after you turn 60, you come to the realization that you’re at least halfway there. Maybe before you could tell yourself… “well I’m still on the uphill…” But you can’t kid yourself anymore, it’s downhill from now on, baby.

And as each kid leaves the house, I’ve been thinking, and so has my wife, that maybe we should spend more time on ourselves. Not to be selfish, but if you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about. You work and you scrape to get your kids through childhood and adolescence… and then they’re gone.

So I’m not sure what point I’m trying to make. Maybe, it’s that I’ve become more reflective about life. I’ve always been driven to succeed, to be goal-oriented. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how you achieve things. But, it also helps to reflect and slow down. And enjoy what you have accomplished and maybe even take pride in it.

And also, to be grateful.

I was raised a Methodist. While I never go to church anymore, I do pray still… everyday. And the bulk of my prayer is a heartfelt “Thank you.”

So I guess that’s the crux of this month’s newsletter. We all have our problems. But we all also have things to be grateful for. Every day, if you can give thanks for what you have, that’s a good prayer.

As I mentioned in the last three newsletters, I'm working on a new project about PRP/stem cells/prolotherapy. If you have any burning questions about these topics you'd like to see answered, please shoot me an email at Thanks!

Visit my blog at I try to update it at least weekly and sometimes more often. You can also follow me on Twitter. I'm "thearthritisdoc"

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