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What do people say about this huge event?
April 16, 2014

"I think it's wonderful to provide a program like this and I wonder if this type of program is available in other cities.   I find it very informative in keeping up with the latest in rheumatology, and I think others can benefit from something like this."  Linda Ferrant -New Market, MD

"I really enjoyed attending the symposium, and I enjoy the DVD because I've been able to share the information with my friends who have arthritis.  There is so much good information."  Debbie Clark -Frederick, Maryland

"This is my second time attending this symposium.  I found it very informative, complete with new information and overall very worthwhile."  Carol Conlon -Hedgesville, West Virginia

"Attending this symposium really re-affirmed that fibromyalgia is a disease, and that my symptoms were real.  I gained a lot of information."  Roseanna Bowlus -Woodsboro, Maryland

"I found the symposium very informative, and I always learn something new.  I wish everyone with arthritis had something like this available to them because it's really worthwhile."  Sara Condon -Myersville, Maryland

"This is the third symposium I've attended and I was literally on the edge of my seat listening to Dr. Malone's presentation.  He really hit home with the fibromyalgia issues I've been concerned about recently."  Mary Beth McGrath -Frederick, MD
Take a moment to enjoy this video from Dr. Nathan Wei, who expands on the importance of understanding your disease.  Click Here and Enjoy!
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